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Karazhan Progression

Currently the following guild members have their keys:

  1. Arrack
  2. Auchentoshan
  3. Caymus
  4. Disaronno
  5. Grandmarnier
  6. Listerine
  7. Maisel
  8. Malvasia
  9. Redstripe
  10. Wuliangye


Saturday, August 25: Most of the raiders visiting Caymus; the offsite crew included two pickup players. We wiped numerous times, didn't manage to take down any bosses, but learned a lot about the layout of the first few levels of KZ. All in all it was definitely a decent learning experience.

Thursday, August 30: Attumen down! With help from two pickups, including a shadow priest. Main drops were healing gloves for Maisel and spell bracers won by Malvasia.



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