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Level 70 Restoration Shaman

Armory Page [1]

Karazhan Progress

I have my Karazhan key. I feel that I need a bit more int to buff up my MP before we head there. Other than that, I'm content with my stats at present.

Heroics Progress

My reputation for Heroic factions are:

  • Shat'ar: 10606/12000
  • Lower City: 9507/12000
  • Cenarion Expedition: 8248/12000
  • Thrallmar: 4683/12000
  • Keepers of Time: 7967/12000

Gear I am working towards


  • Merciless Gladiator's Ringmail Helm
  • Merciless Gladiator's Ringmail Gauntlets
  • Merciless Gladiator's Ringmail Armor


  • Veteran's Pendant of Salvation
  • Veteran's Band of Salvation

Drops and Rewards

Mining and Jewelcrafting professions

Jewelcrafting recipes that I have:

  • Solid Star of Elune
  • Lustrous Star of Elune
  • Lustrous Azure Moonstone
  • Solid Azure Moonstone
  • Sparkling Azure Moonstone
  • Bold Living Ruby
  • Runed Living Ruby
  • Bright Living Ruby
  • Subtle Living Ruby
  • Bold Blood Garnet
  • Bright Blood Garnet
  • Delicate Blood Garnet
  • Runed Blood Garnet
  • Teardrop Blood Garnet
  • Brilliant Dawnstone
  • Thick Dawnstone
  • Smooth Dawnstone
  • Thick Golden Draenite
  • Brilliant Golden Draenite
  • Rigid Golden Draenite
  • Smooth Golden Draenite
  • Inscribed Noble Topaz
  • Luminous Noble Topaz
  • Glinting Flame Spessarite
  • Inscribed Flame Spessarite
  • Luminous Flame Spessarite
  • Potent Flame Spessarite
  • Enduring Talasite
  • Dazzling Deep Peridot
  • Enduring Deep Peridot
  • Jagged Deep Peridot
  • Radiant Deep Peridot
  • Shifting Nightseye
  • Royal Nightseye
  • Purified Shadow Pearl
  • Glowing Shadow Draenite
  • Purified Jaggal Pearl
  • Shifting Shadow Draenite
  • Sovereign Shadow Draenite
  • Mystical Skyfire Diamond
  • Swift Skyfire Diamond
  • Insightful Earthstorm Diamond
  • Enigmatic Skyfire Diamond
Things to Wear
  • Crown of the Sea Witch
  • Pendant of Withering
  • Ring of Arcane Shielding
  • Necklace of the Deep
  • The Black Pearl
  • Azure Moonstone Ring
  • Brilliant Pearl Band

Recipes I'm on the lookout for

  • Teardrop Living Ruby
  • Jagged Talasite
  • Great Dawnstone
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