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  • All non-tank members should be using their threat reducing moves regularly in instances. In addition, and for those classes (eg: shaman) that do not have threat reducing moves, please equip and use something from this list: (Taken from a forum post)
[b][Grace of Earth][/b]
Threat: -650

[b][Hypnotist's Watch][/b]
Threat: -720

Here are all of the threat reduction items:

[b][Formula: Enchant Cloak - Subtlety][/b]
Permanently enchant a cloak to decrease threat caused by the
 wearer by 2%.

This is not a new enchantment, but it can relevantly be applied to:
[b][Muck-Covered Drape][/b]
Threat: -473

This can be aquired for 25x Sporecap from the Sporegaar Quartermaster 
in Zangarmarsh. The cooldown is the standard 5 minutes and the threat 
reduction is small, but it will stack with other items, and is a 
natural host for the -2% threat enchant.

[b][Jewel of Charismatic Mystique][/b]
Threat: -1075

This drops off of Grandmaster Vorpil in Shadow Labyrinth, and as I'm 
sure most players would rather roll for the shard than loot it should 
be easy to get. This has the same 5 minute cooldown but reduces 34% 
more threat than the Jewel of Charismatic Mystique.

[b][Timelapse Shard][/b]
Threat: -901

This is an epic purchasable (79g) reward requiring Exalted with Keepers
of Time. Seeing as it also has heavy Stamina and Resilience, I am very 
interested in getting this for all instancing. While the Jewel of 
Charismatic Mystique reduces about 14% more threat than this per use,
this epic trinket is on a mere 2 minute cooldown, the lowest for any 
item, making it much more effective for repeated use.

[b][Shrouding Potion][/b]
Threat: -800

Finally, with Exalted with Sporeggar, you can get the recipe for a 
threat reducing potion. -800 Threat on a 2 min cooldown has a drawback 
though, this shares a cooldown with other potions. Unless you're a 
healer, you probably shouldn't need potions until you get hit in the 
first place, which this potion offers to help avoid.

[b][Fetish of the Sand Reaver][/b]
Threat: -70 (Aura)

This item reduces threat from the spells and damage you deal during 
it's 20 second duration. I believe the -70 threat mod may be actually 
-70% Threat, judging from the fact that the -2% Threat Cloak Enchant - 
Subtlety also lists a -2 Mod Aura. I'm not sure but seems possible for 
a 3 min cooldown epic trinket drop off Fankriss. Not sure anyone is 
going to fight Fankriss again though :). Thanks for MoonWolf for the 
heads-up on this item.

In closing, these items are great for Heroic mode instances where only 
the tank should have aggro. 
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